Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine Picnic

So, good news! March 1st we are moving into an apartment which means I get to decorate! Which means I get to make a ton of stuff and post about it! I'm so very excited but in the mean time I'll probably be busy, busy, busy. Anyways, I know it's a little belated but here's a few pictures from our family Valentine's Picnic!

We went to a park near our house. 

And set up our picnic, while Eliza got in the way.

Then we chowed down on some sandwiches and chicken salad (which were delicious!)

After that we opened presents.

Then it was time to go...

to the playground!

We went down the slides,

played on the toy cars,

and swung our little hearts out!

Then someone had an explosion in their pants and we had to go home. But all in all it was a very succesful trip considering last time we tried to picnic, we didn't even get to eat!

And I'll end this with my attempt at a family portrait.

Hm, not flattering but this is as good as it gets! Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's day!

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