Friday, February 25, 2011

Gettin' Ready for the Big Move!

Tuesday is the big day, we are finally getting our own place! Good bye, parents! Good bye, stress! And hello, freedom!
The weather was perfect today and we spent most of it outside preparing for our new home. We pulled out an old couch my dad made like a decade ago, wiped down the wood parts, and shampoo-ed the cushions.

(the sides, which are going to need a little work)
(and the cushions. pretty retro, huh!)

Here's our little helper,

 I've also been doing a bit of gardening. We're going to have a little patio and I want to fill it up with plants and make it my little outside haven.

(my soon to be italian herb garden)

(and some flowers to give the place some life!)

I scavenged around my dad's backyard and put this together as the first addition to my private garden!

 And by doing some hard searching on Craigslist, I got an awesome deal on our first washer and dryer. Both for $130! And they actually work!

And one more tid-bit, I found this awesome rug at a Goodwill. Not sure where I will use it but isn't it cool? We shampooed it and it kind of smells funny but I'm hoping that's just from being wet...

Well that's that! I can't wait to get decoratin' and share it all here!

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