Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick Christmas Crafts!

I know it's cutting it a little close to christmas but I just have to share these. First is a christmas embroidery hoop bulletin board, it looks a little like an ornament doesn't it?

It was the easiest project I've done in a while. Here is a tutorial for an Embroidery Hoop Corkboard, I skipped the corkboard and the pins still stick! Remember this post?  I used some of the same exact pins and then made a few more with some buttons I had laying around. Pretty convenient that it is the shape of an ornament, huh?

For the next christmas craft is the wreath I made.

Tree garland
Berry garland
Little ornaments
Green Floral Wire
Scissors (possibly wire cutters)

In the order of the list, you get the wreath 

Then stack the tree garland on top, securing with the floral wire.

Next comes the berry garland, secure it with wire. Then scatter the ornaments, secure, and there you have it!

Look how darling it is up on my door!

 Pretty quick and painless. Don't the holidays make you feel all giddy? I just love the decorating and excitement! It's fun, kind of makes you feel like a kid again.

I also made a cute little tree with handmade ornaments that I will write about next. So stay tuned!