Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lamp and Shade

Sorry for the short absense, Austin was amazing and I can't wait to share my pictures from the photo shoot with ya'll!

So a while back I bought this lamp at a thrift store because it was sooo cool and I couldn't pass it up. But it was shade-less! I bought a white lamp shade but turned out it was too bright of a white and just looked weird on the retro lamp. So I had to come up with some way to decorate it and here is what I did.

First I found some cool vintage fabric I have had stashed away

and kind of wrapped it around the shade. Then I cut off the excess from the top, bottom, and where the ends meeted leaving an inch of room to glue down. This is what it looked like laying out.

I got my handy glue gun and being sure to line up the ends with the seam in the shade, I glued that sucker down. I tucked in the extra at the top and bottom (at the top I had to cut slits every couple of inches so that it would wrap down). Once that was done, I was ready to decorate! I made some cute felt flowers with this tutorial and some jean leaves and pinned them all in an arrangement that I liked.

Then, very carefully, I glued them down. I started from the outsides and worked my way in but it probably doesn't matter how you do it.

Here is the finished product in my room on our little retro bedside table.

I really love how this turned out and the accidental color combos are perfect to me! And I just realized that there's still a pin in the orange flower... but I'm proud of myself (:

Christmas time is coming! Last week we had a little family hanging lights party.

I made my boyfriend climb up in the tree to wrap lights. I have a feeling he was a monkey in a past life? Maybe?

Eliza just thought it was so funny to play hide and seek behind the tree. But I guess when you're that little it would be.

We haven't done the tree yet, I know it's kind of late but that's ok! I'll get to it... eventually.