Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Craziness and Exciting News!

This Christmas was by far the most stressful Christmas of my life! Having to split time between all the in-laws is hard and complicated and just down-right stressful! Anyways, it was a good Christmas and I did enjoy getting to see them all.

So I've got some exciting news! Brandon and I have decided to get our own apartment! I'm beyond excited and have been online looking for places around us and inspiration and decorating and things we're going to need. I received a ton of those visa gift card things for Christmas and am putting them all towards the house. It's weird to me that I don't even want to get clothes but I have been dreaming of having my own place to decorate for sooo long. Here's some inspiration:

This is Emily Henderson's House (from design stars). I love the vintage look and color combos. And I especially love how she mixes the masculine furniture with feminine accessories, it's awesome!

isn't this blue couch just the coolest?

I love the look of the natural wood and blues that she uses with little hints of red and yellow.

I love eclectic homes and this one is like my dream house. It's so perfect. The neutrals mixed with pops of bright colors is refreshing and not too over the top.

this little girl's room is adorable, fit for a princess!

This last one is amazing and probably my favorite. I love, love, love the colors! It so fresh and inviting.

Can't wait to show you guys some of my thrift store finds! And I know that I didn't do my Christmas ornament post, it just got too hectic with making last minute presents. Christmas just snuck up on me this year! Next time I'll be more prepare, promise (: