Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello Again!

Hi all! I know, I know. It's been wayy too long. Well I've got some news! I've got 2 new jobs! I landed a gig at this local vintage store as their" seamstress". I take their items that need to be hemmed or fixed due to stains or missing buttons and for each that I do for them, I get to sell one of my items in their store for 100% commission!
I'll do a post later with more pictures.
So that's the first one, the second one is a waitressing job at this tearoom/bistro called The Milk Pail

It's been kind of hectic but I think I like waitressing and getting out of the house is nice, let me tell ya!

Here's just some things I've been doing lately; I started making wallets that I plan on putting up in my other store. Here's some preview pics.

I used this as a model for mine but created my own pattern.

I made a few jar pincushions:

Also I've made some camera cases that I want to put in my other store as well. I've got a great name for them and really like mix and matching. Here are a few.

And last but not least, I made a backpack to carry things in when I go bike riding. I made sure it was big enough to fit packages because I want to start biking to the post office for a little workout.

I really like how it turned out. It is made from 100% vintage fabric that I was handed down. Remember this post? Hint: scroll down to see my stash. So that was cool.

Basically I've just been working, doing school, and resting in the little time I have in between. The first couple of weeks at my job have been crazy/stressful/hectic because I have to learn so much but it is starting to settle down. I'm hoping I can get back to working in my store a little more once I get the hang of all this! Hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to blogging again!