Friday, September 10, 2010

You got a pretty face, and a crooked smile

I've got two exciting announcements to make!

NUmero 1:  I've decided to make a weekly newsletter of tutorials on vintage renewals/upcycling clothes! They are going to be simple, loaded with pictures, and most importantly fashionable! Here's a sneak peak of the first one I've set up. (I don't know how to send it as the letter so it will be sent as a PDF).

I'm probably going to post them here on blogger but for those that don't do blogs, I'm going to do the newsletter thing.

Numero 2:  I've created  a "Store Questionare" for everyone to get 25% off any one item in my store! Or 10% if you fill out half. It's located in the tab directly below the header up there ^^^^^^ So take advantage of it, I'm really looking forward to hearing what people have to say.

In other news, in my advertising class I'm learning about differentiating products and "knowing" the market. So it really got me thinking and I started researching my competition. I never really took the time to look at other vintage sellers/upcycled clothes sellers on Etsy. So I will be doing a bunch of spotlights and really looking at what makes each store special! The first three I've chosen, I like because of the graphics/pictures.

This first store is called Pinup Dresses.

She's got some really awesome dresses and I love the heart details! I love that her pictures are very nice and clean, very professional looking. The lighting is great and I like that her clothes are catagorized by decades. The prices are on the high side but these garments are legit and look like they are in very good condition. They're very unique and just not any old vintage dress.

The next store is called Eleventwentyeight.

She does a lot of vintage renewal (a phrase I'm really starting to catch on to, it sounds much more professional than upcycling.. in my opinion). I love how her pictures are nice and bright. My opinion might be a little biased though because I have a little obession with white brick... Anyways, I also like her store graphics. It's got a very fresh, modern look to it. The prices look about average for most vintage stores on etsy.

And last but not least I would like to introduce Peeko Apparel.

Let me just start off by saying, Wow! These pieces are really awesome. She makes these out of natural or recycled fibres but you couldn't tell by looking at them! These are awesome. I love the grey background, I tried it but mine didn't come out this good! I also love her models. Besides the fact that they are gorgeous, I'm kind of obsessed with all of the one above's tattoos and piercings. Most designers don't use people like that for models but I think it's great. If she was my friend, I'd have her modeling for me every week! Um, getting back to the store, I also really like her banner. It's simple, cute, and screams sewing. The prices are high but the garments look well worth it, each looks like a lot of time and money were poured into them. The store looks very organized and I like that it has an edge to it.

Stay tuned for some more awesome shops, and if you want to be a part of the Upcycled Clothes Tutorial Newsletter (I suppose I need a better name?) then just drop your email in a comment and I will send you a tutorial each week! Thanks for reading (:

Oh! And if you've got any suggestions for sending newsletters, let me know!