Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vintage Shops!

First I would like to announce that I've created a store at BigCartel. Here. I'm just giving it a shot?

Anywho, here is the last of the shops!

First up is one of my favorites just because it has a lot in common with mine: Twisted Moss

The prices are awesome, and the pictures are well lit. I like the way the outfits are styled. Everything is cute and I really like the bowtie necklace things! Her descriptions are very detailed and fun! They aslo include the era which I wish I was better at guessing! Hopefully next semester I can get around to take a fashion history class! From what I can tell she has a mix of vintage and upcycled clothes. Cool store!

The next one I have been eyeing for a while for their hoodies-pure awesomeness! Mungo Crafts

Ok, the last pic I added in because I think it's hilarious and awesome and unique. But I'm really writing about this shop because I love these hoodies! If I had $60 to blow, I would definitely get one of these. They look well constructed and I just love the color combos, they're all great! It would be hard to choose just one! I like the pattern and of course she uses upcycled materials in most (or all?) of them so that's a plus. Looove. This is going on the winter wish list!

This next one I've been a fan of for a while. Madam Chino.

Her models are all beautiful! All her clothes look like they've had some serious time spent on them and are completely unique which I love about her. I also like the different backdrops, all are equally interesting. All the pictures are very clear, well lit, and show all different views. Her listings start off with a fun little saying and are very detailed. Her clothes are reconstructed and on some listings, she even describes how she constructed it which I think is so cool. She does her own screen printing and even fashion shows! That is on my to-do before I die list.

Arrogant Loves- I admire this shop because there are some really awesome finds. 

You don't find things like this at your everyday thrift store. These are truly special pieces that are probably the only copies left in the world. It's a bit pricey but you get what you pay for I suppose. The pictures are well lit, the models are gorgeous, and the descriptions are short and sweet.

The Closet Stuffer is on this list because of the inspiring upcycled clothes.

I like this store because she uses vintage pieces and turns them into modern style clothes. They're not too extravagant, but they're very well constructed and have a bit of flair. There's definitely a personality to her store. You can see the vintage but in a whole new light! Her prices are pretty reasonable for vintage/upcycled clothes. The clothes are well lit. The descriptions start off with a quote and are very detailed about the item.