Monday, September 13, 2010

More Vintage Shops and a Tutorial!

So I have completed the first tutorial in the Vintage Renewal Tutorial Series! Bubble Shorts Tutorial , the title is pretty self-explanatory, go to the link for directions!

I learned how to do the border here.

And as I promised, some more awesome vintage shops. This batch I have chosen for unique vintage renewal/upcycling/reconstructing.

This first shop is called Bonder Girl.

The black dress is my personal favorite. She only has 13 items for now but is fairly new. Her prices seem about right for handmade clothes and I just love how unique the construction is! It's really just the attention to detail that makes them so special and different. Her pictures are nice and lit. They consist of all views of the clothes and I like that she includes a before picture. They look well constructed and very thought out. I always admire upcyclers that come up with creative ideas for clothes especially ones I've never thought of!

On to the second store of the day called,  In Love Again. I like the girly vintage touch she gives these.

I have a thing for florals, I can't explain it but they just make me weak at the knees. So of course when I came across the top above, I had to take a peak at the rest of the store. Her prices are pretty good for reconstructed clothes and I can't help but love the backdrop! It's got a very Urban Outfitters feel to it and as much as I don't agree with their clothing, I do like their interior decorating! Her clothes are well lit and each are a treasure. She also has a few other things such as wallets, purses, and clip on earrings which are all equally unique.

Next up is a store called Repurposeful Punk. I just love upcycling pants into shorts, I never buy shorts anymore because I make all of mine! Maybe that's why I was intriqued by this store.

First off, I really like her pictures. I like the plain backgournd, and the curved edges (teach me how to do this!). I also looove the sailor shorts and skirt. This store has a very 50's feel to it and the prices are really great for upcycled clothing. She's got more items than the last two but is alot older. She also makes "Made to order" dress of ghosts and skeletons which are just as cute as these. She is very cute and I feel like our stores kind of have a lot in common! I'm sure I (being a fellow store owner/model) am the only one that notices the camer a remote (: I know that trick! Mine unfortunately just broke and having to walk over to my camera after every picture is quite a hassle. Having a remote is a life saver, let me tell ya! Anywho I like this store, it's got a personality of it's own!

And last but not least is a store called, Dalat Designs

I like the simple and clean-ness of the pictures. She has a lot of shredded things which is in right now. From what I've kind of researched, that takes a lot of time. I'm interested to know how she does it... Anyways I noticed she has a lot of halter style tops which is cool. It's always interesting to notice everyone's own little niche, what they specialize in.  I like the design and silhouette of her clothing. They're not typical of modern clothing but that's what makes it unique and interesting to me. The lighting is great and the prices are reasonable. The blue ruffled jumper is what caught my eye, I want it!

I'll have atleast one more post about vintage renewal shops, possibly two. If you're interested in some constructive critisicm and you do vintage renewal, drop me a comment! Thanks everyone!