Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laptop Bag Makeover!

I got this bag from a clothes swap I went to a while back and thought my laptop would fit perfectly in it but it was pretty ugly. It was black jean material that was faded in some places and had plaid on the inside, it looked preeeeeetty emo. (I forgot to take a before pic but you get the jist from this one)

So I gave it some color, ruffles, and pretty florals to make it more me!

First off I decided to bleach some spots. Remember the Jean Shorts Tutorial? I grabbed a few places, wrapped them up in rubber bands and dipped them in bleach.

I didn't bother diluting the bleach this time and it worked sooo much faster. In about 5 minutes they were the color I wanted so I stuck them in the wash for a quick clean.

Some black fabrics don't bleach to white, instead they turn orange so I was pleased that after the wash the color was gone. After that I added some ruffles and a flower to the flap. Flower tutorial found here.

And then I added a pen/pencil pocket. I just kind of winged it;

And there you have it, the finished project! Much better than before, I'm proud to carry this little treasure around (:

While searching for inspiration I found this cute little bag:


Also I made my first patchwork piece of art! It's just a little curtain to hide under my desk but I like the extra touch it gives to my craft station (not to mention hides all the junk under my desk!).

My daughter got a kitchen for her birthday, it's a perfect fit and now she can keep herself busy while I sew away!

In other news I have finished my first quilt! Woo, although I have decided quilting is definitely not my thing. All the cutting, sewing, math, ehhh, not that fun. I don't have that much patience and I think this will be the one and only quilt I will ever make.... unless it's a tiny baby one? Oh also one of my purses was featured in a Cheeetah treasury! Check it out!