Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future Projects and Cute Finds

Source. You really have to go look at the rest of the pictures. They really are amazing, I want it, I want it, I want it!!!

Also I've found quite possibly the easiest T-shirt Recon Project ever! And it's super cute. I'll take pictures of the ones I've made. Here's the tutorial.

In other news, I have another Etsy store that I created for things other than clothes. It's kind of been dormant but I've started designing some things, particularly graphic design. So I was hunting for a pocket calendar and resorted to making my own so I decided to put them in my store! It's kind of a do it yourself thing, they're going to be printable and then I'll have a pattern for a cover. Also, I have some patterns I plan on sticking in there. We'll see how that goes. So here's a little sneak peak!

This is the page I made for myself, the dog is from the Indie Fixx Free Art Project. The calendars are also going to have a weekly thing but they're just going to be one month at a time with the option of two. So, pretty simple and small to keep in your purse or whatever.