Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Picture Story

The other day we had a few friends over

Eliza was so excited, she threw on my bathing suit top and these sunglasses that don't even fit her!

We cooked up some crinkle fries (only the best kind!)

and the boys grilled up some brats for themselves and hotdogs for us ladies. 

As soon as the backdoor opened, Eliza made a run for the pool! So I scooped her up just in time for someone to take a snapshot!

Everybody wanted to play with her, so she got plenty of attention! I don't think there was a bored moment all day and with babies that's almost impossible.

Then we changed her into the proper attire and plopped her into her favorite floaty. She has a little obsession with sports balls and was chasing them around the pool all day.

While she was chasing soccer balls, I was filling up the waterballoons for the big waterballoon war we would have later that day. We ended up filling 3 coolers full!

After all the day's activities, it was time for a re-energizing snack.... but Eliza was so exhausted, she just ended up falling asleep in her high chair.

The day was quite a success, I can't wait for more summer adventures! Hope ya'll are having a good one!