Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eliza's First Birthday!

We set up:

It's suppose to be a pirate flag, get it?

This is the ridiculous Tinkerbell cake that my mom made.
5 cakes + 6 things of icing = best 1st birthday cake ever

Then everbody arrived and we opened presents (before Eliza got too tired)

And by we I mean Brandon and I

Then we blew out the candle on her gigantic cake.

And Eliza had her first birthday cake.

The rest of the night was spent visiting and I set up a photobooth. I was very pleased with the results;

 Sorry for the uber long post, alot happened I mean it was a pretty big event. It was so hard to filter through all the awesome pictures. It all turned out great though. Well hope ya'll had a good weekend!

Tutorials coming soon!