Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Tutorials Part 2

Ruffle Streamers:

I ended up making two of these, one with white and baby blue (above) and one with yellow and pink. I didn't end up using them because the day of the party got kind of hectic but these are sooo cute!

Eco-friendly favor bags:
I was looking for bags/a container that I didn't have to spend money on and I came up with these;
I used this tutorial on fusing plastic bags. 

But basically I got 3 plastic bags, fused them together, and trimmed the gross edges off. Then I cut them in half and each half I folded, and sewed up the bottom and side to make a bag! I filled them up with candy,

printed out thank you tabs and clipped them on with mini wood clothespins from Wal-Mart.

 I recycled  a lot of bags and even though no one seemed to notice/care, atleast I was being ecofriendly right?

Bottle Name Sign;
This one is pretty self explanatory. First you're going to need a bottle for each letter in the name you want to spell. Next fill up a sink/tub/container with hot water and for each two cups of water add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda (I just guestimated). This will remove the label. Let sit for 15-30 minutes and then one by one peel off the labels. There's going to be some residue left over but all you need to do is scrub a little with those green things or even a rag will do. It comes right off. Let bottles drip dry upside down, preferably overnight to make sure they dry thoroughly. 

Set up a spray painting station outside. I didn't have a drop cloth so I used a cut open trash bag.

And get to spray painting! I kind of stuck my finger in the bottle and held them up a little so I could get the whole thing. When you're done, make sure you set them on a flat surface and spray a little on the bottle opening before you're done. Then chose a color for the letters and carefully paint them on. It can be a little difficult since the surface is curved so beware!

Stick some flowers in and there you have it!

One more thing!

I made my wendy dress out of this:

It originally had ugly long sleeves but I shortened them. I didn't know what else to do and then decided how appropriate to add a peter pan collar?! Tutorial I used.

It didn't turn out perfect but I think it definitely added an extra somethin'.

Here are some other cute sites for birthday party inspiration: