Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Tutorials Part 1

Wings, Teepee, and Chocolate Sprinkly Rods!

2 Wire Hangers
1 Pair of White Panty Hose

For Eliza's Birthday I made her a Teepee. I got the tutorial from Rachel at Smile and Wave.

I did mine a bit different. I got about 3 1/2 yards of two different fabrics.

 The measurements I used (which are by no means perfect, use at your own risk):
Panels (5 total): 4" x 64" x 64" x 30"
Small Front Panel (1): 5" x 15" x 13" x 13"
Door Panels (2): 8" x 19" x 52" x 54"
You can see in the picture below that I cut a length of fabric 1.5" wide by 52" long to use as binding for the front door panels.

I bought 6 1" x 2" x 6' from Lowes, about $1.50 each (estimate).
I also used 15" of 1/4" elastic and then two rolls of ribbon (you definitely use all of it).
Oh and I bought rope from Lowes (only a couple dollars), it happened to be pink and white to match the teepee too!

Eliza loves it, she's at the age where she's really getting into hide and seek so it works out perfectly!

And before I take off, one last thing. These are one of my favorite treats and they turned out to be a lot easier than I expected!

So first off I used 2 packages Snyder Pretzel Rods and 2 packages Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chips (the better the quality, the easier to melt).

Then I bought this tub of sprinkles from Wal-Mart (I used pretty much all of it)

And a package of butterfingers

Next I set up my make shift double boiler- Pyrex boil + Pan + 1 inch of boiling water.

When you start melting the chocolate, you want to be careful not to get steam in it and make sure you keep stirring. White chocolate can be difficult sometimes so proceed with caution. Once melted I scooped it all up into this measuring cup to make it easier to cover the pretzels.

There's kind of a trick to evenly coating the pretzel. If you get too much, it'll start to drip so what I did was kind of spin the pretzel rod as I slowly pulled it out of the chocolate. I had a pile of sprinkles on a paper towel which turned out really convenient. When the sprinkles had spread out too much I just had to pick up the corners of the paper towel and I had a perfect little pile again!

Then you just roll the pretzel stick in the sprinkles and there you have it!
I also used Butterfingers to dip them in, you can get quite creative with these and use mini chocolate chips, crushed Oreos, or whatever you like really!

When they are evenly coated with sprinkles you have a couple of options to store them. Lay them out on wax paper, a paper towel or paper plate. Or if you're lucky like me and you happen to have a ice cube tray specially designed for water bottles than you can just stick them right side up in there!

This was the first time anyone had ever used this but hey, it sure did come in handy! When you are finished, pop those suckers in the fridge for about 15 minutes so they can harden and you're done. These were a big hit, they're the perfect combo of sweet and salty.

More tutorials coming soon! Eco-Friendly Goody Bags, Ruffle Streamers and Bottle Name Sign!