Tuesday, July 20, 2010

50's Picnic and Thrift Store Finds

Brandon and I had our first weekend without Eliza to relax in our house soo we planned ourselves a little picnic 50's style! So we got on our little outfits, packed up our basket, bought some sandwiches from Quiznos, and headed to the nearest park.

(this is my bf, isn't he cute!)

(pardon the cleavage)

So we pick this little spot under a gazebo with a table inside and I started setting up. I put the picnic basket on the table and leaned over to grab the table cloth when I feel a sting on my leg! I leaned back and it was this little bugger!

It's called an Asp or Puss Caterpillar, and happens to be the most toxic caterpillar in the U.S. Dandy, right? Luckily I had Benedryl in the car so I avoided an allergic reaction. 

(30 min. after)
(2 days after, you can see the outline of the caterpillar!)

 It hurt for a couple hours but I was fine for the most part. It did however ruin our picnic. We were forced to commence on our living room floor, it was nice though. AC, no mosquitos, and a comfortable floor.

And our quiznoes was dang good.

While I was gone, I also picked up two awesome treasures from this junky Thrift Store.

The second one I have been looking for and they're like $20, I found this one for $3. The first I didn't need but I have the most perfect spot for it.

Oh and one more thing!
Eliza got her first cold, here's a pic for smiles! Even cute with snot running down her nose!