Tuesday, June 8, 2010

With all your power, what would you do?

Soo this weekend I went to Free Press Summer fest and saw the Flaming Lips!

Pretty much the most amazing show I've seen. Ever. It was a two day festival, the first day was sooo hot. Oh, the blistering heat that is Texas. The second day was also insanely hot and just when we thought we couldn't stand the heat, it rained!

(me hiding under our leaky umbrella, trying to protect our bags before we stowed them away)

There couldn't have been more perfect timing. One of our friends had brought a really nice camera and didn't want to get it wet so he made friends with the sound guys and they let him stow it away under their tent.. and then we snuck our bags along too (:

(our two friends from Austin, TX)
 It got a bit muddy but the weather the rest of the day was perfect. And then The Flaming Lips.

This was a picture of the girls in front of us. I want her hat.

Oh I also have some cool news. Remember those little jellyfish I made and tried to sell on Etsy? Some lady asked to sell them in her shop! I'm really excited about it and hope it works out!

On that note, summer has started and my sales are up. I've started school and am trying not to get overwhelmed so I may not post as much. I have so much going on in the next few weeks, oi!

I have a photo shoot Wednesday, a 20's party Friday, a 1st birthday to plan and a lot of school work in the next few weeks. Well here goes nothing! Happy Monday everyone!