Saturday, June 5, 2010


So I've started planning my daughter's first birthday this week! I'm so excited and it's more than a month away. It's more for me and my friends so I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm trying to spend as little money as possible so I've been doing a lot of research on good diy ideas. There are a lot of printable party favors on Etsy and as I looked through them I couldn't find any that looked like what I had in my head so I made my own! I'm getting pretty good at photo shop, when I got my laptop it had the newest version and it threw me off a bit but I'm finally getting used to it!

Any who her party is Tinkerbell/lost world themed (costume party) and I was designing her card but was having some technical difficulties. I decided to color a black and white Tinkerbell and put some glitter on her dress. The glitter was where it got difficult, so I found this awesome trick. I pretty much copied and pasted from Rainy Day Treats' blog but I changed some of the numbers for what I did.

1. Duplicate the layer/element. This is kind of optional, it's easier if you just use the magic want to select what you want but it's more permanent that way.
2. Then added noise (filter>noise>add noise) with the properties of 25%, uniform, monochromatic.
3. On the same layer I then did plastic wrap (filter>artistic>plastic wrap) with the properties of highlight strength 16, detail 13, smoothness 2.
4. If you duplicated the later then do this: change to an overlay (where you see your layers to the right, change it from normal to overlay) and voila!

I was very pleased with the results. Here is just the front of the invitation, I may change them in the next month.... who knows.

I also made goodie bag tags, and a banner. I'm on a roll!