Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few New Things

First off, you've probably notice that I did a blog makeover! The last layout got kind of messed up and it was due for a change anyways. Welp, here are a few new things in the store this week;

I wore that Jumpsuit out last week, and took a new picture as a request a while back of the model standing up. It took a while longer to get it up than I hoped but that's ok. Oh by the way, have you ever been haggled on Etsy? Last week someone asked me for one of my items for a different price then I had listed, like 30% lower than the listed price. Now I think I have very reasonable prices so I was a little offended but I managed to reply as politely as possible. It just kind of suprised me...

Oh and this is the first week I haven't had one sale in a while... it's a little discouraging. Hmph.