Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shoes Part 2

Things are looking up! I had a little meltdown last Saturday but also a long needed discussion with my boo. I just needed to stop, breathe a little bit and talk about things. So I went to wal-mart, bought a dry erase board with some day of the week magnets and Brandon and I sat down to make up a work schedule. I now work officially from 2-4 PM 4 days of the week. I feel like a real workin lady! Oh I also planned days for laundry and house cleaning! Funny how a little scheduling cleared up so many things for me, why didn't I think of this sooner?! But I have to admit that a little Sex and the City every week night helps too. (: Speaking of which, here's some more shoes! Enjoy!


Mahogany Leather Pixie Boots

Black Fringe Pixie Boots

Ankle Boots

Lace Up Granny Shoes

Black Granny Shoes

White Fringe Boots

Ivory Lace Up Shoes


Canvas Tan Reebok Sneakers

Dirty Chambray Lace Up Sneakers

Blue Suede Shoes

Sport Block

Electric Blue Snakeskin Shoes

Blue Canvas Sneakers

Ethnic Print Keds