Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just checkin' in

So yesterday my sister and I went on a search for some new thrift stores/resale shops in my area. We checked out two, 1 was a little disappointing but I still got a few cool things and the other was huge! So that was cool.

I'm currently visiting with my mom because my grandparents were in town and they loove seeing Eliza. I'm taking this weekend to relax and then on monday I'll get back to work!

I need to have another photo shoot soon and I was thinking of making a sign for my backdrop (inspired by Blooming Leopold).

Oh and today I have to make curtains for my sister. My mother and I promised her a kitchen makeover for christmas... and well it's long overdue!

Here's a tutorial on a One Sleeve Ruffle Shirt that I'm definitely doing when I get home!

And a cute Plant Vase Idea , a tutorial on How To Glam Up a Garden Hat, and a great idea for reusable streamers

I found these great blogs, My Paper Crane, Under the Sycamore

And some crafty organizers

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!