Saturday, May 15, 2010

Centerpiece/Jar Ideas

My table centerpiece had gone out of season and I needed some great summer Ideas. Here are some awesome tutorials/inspiration and at the bottom is what I did:

Table Number Centerpiece

Easy Centerpieces

Mossy Masterpiece

Ultimate Cut Flowers

Kind of random but I like this Plate Display

For my centerpiece: I got my idea from Country Living (number 16). Here is the original:

And used this technique from Rocky Bella

I dug up some jars from around the house, and wrapped them up.

I found this at a Goodwill today and couldn't resist it. I think it works perfectly with my centerpiece, I didn't have anything cool to put in it so I filled it with mints and topped it with a pine cone from the last centerpiece.

This is the finished product.

Here is something else that I put together today. Just a jar, filled with seasonal appropriate potpourri (I was going to put in pebbles but couldn't find ones that I liked) and this flower arrangement I bought from Pier 1 I believe.

Hope you guys find these useful! Have a great Sunday!