Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Wish/To-do List

New Orleans was a blast! I got to see most of my family so that was really nice but I am glad to be home. My grandpa lived through the great depression and lets just call him thrifty... well its heating up in New Orleans and he has yet to turn the ac on. Ya, I'm ecstatic to be home where I can control the thermostat as I please.

I've started on my quilt again, I'm kind of excited. I just hope it turns out as cool as I want it to.

I keep getting suckered into donating money I don't have... so next $30 I earn is going to Veterans for America.

1. I want a fedora! This one's from Target.

This is from Etsy.

2. I need a model, that's available for my everyday use.

3. I need to improve my shipping means. I keep understating my shipping price on etsy and it's really frustrating me.

Bulk Shipping sites- http://www.uline.com/



I suppose I need to figure out what I need before I go buying bulk products.

4. I need to finish up my pregnancy journals and get them out there!

5. I also need to get rid of stuff! Clothes, paper piles lying around, and junk we don't need!

6. And finally, I need to get Eliza back on schedule so I have time for work, house duties, and my life.