Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Birthday List

  • This is what I really really want:

And these are just... fillers that I would also like (:

these adorable rainboots from Target, I wear a size 7 I believe (:

  • and sunglasses! I mean I don't need Oakley's, any like this will do.

  • some fun colored (and good) nail polish like reds, blues, purples, silver

  • This awesome Green Slouch Hat on Etsy

    • Some more Polaroid Film

    • Revlon Ion Pro Stylist Hair Dryer at Target

    • Ipod speakers that plug in

  • Sports Bra! or Victoria Secret Gift Card (:

  • I want a fedora! This one's from Target.

  • or a gift card! I love target and hancocks.