Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jean Short Tutorial

First off, my inspiration found in In Style Magazine

Old pair of jeans
Tape measure
Marking device (pen, pins, chalk, pencil, etc.)

1. Find old high waisted jeans that fit from atleast mid-thigh up. try on.

2. Decide where you want to cut them, taking into account the length for rolling them up. I chose 17".

3. Take them off, lay them down and make sure they're flat.

4. Mark the measurement across the pant legs and cut.

5. Try them on to double check.

6. Optional step: Distressing. The little hole I made took about ten minutes and then I gave up. I used my seam ripper and carefully pulled the seams that were running vertically. It's kind of tricky and takes time which is why this is optional. If you find a better way to do it, I would be glad to know!

Acid Washing Supplies:
Bleach (amount depends on the number of knots, I used about 1/2 cup for shorts and had leftovers)

Cup (preferably shallow)
Rubber Bands

Baster or fork (optional, see step 5)
Gloves (optional but recommended)
Washer and soap
Video I used

1. Take your rubber bands and tye up multiple sections on your jeans.
Tip: in the video the girl soaks her jeans in water first and I diluted my bleach with water, these are optional. I don't think they're necessary and just make the process longer.

2. Get on the rubber gloves and pour your bleach into a cup (enough so the knots will reach).

3. Dip your knots into the bleach, making sure you don't miss any.

4. Lay in sink and wait.

5. Optional: I found a baster, dipped it in bleach and sprinkled my jeans all over for the splatter effect.

6. My shorts took about 35 minutes before I tossed them in the wash. However I diluted my water so it may not take you as long. Just keep an eye on them and when they reach the color you desire, throw them in the wash and wash as you normally would.

I feel so 80's in these... I think I need to grunge them up a bit but here's the final product.