Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bathroom Makeover & Fun Bookshelf ideas

This is kind of where I got my Inspiration

See I had made (and by I, I mean my dad and boyfriend) this shelving unit but it didn't quite turn out like I dad drawn it. They did it exactly right but I didn't account for the width and it just made my bathroom feel really cramped. So today my dad and I tore it apart. I'm using all of the wood, just reassembling it. And some of it is going into little Eliza's room. Anyhow this is it.

I plan on adding a door to the little cubbie above. I bought adorable knobs from Anthropologie that I have yet to use that are going on it. On the wood plank holding in the baby towels is cut scrapbook paper that I had. I think it added a little something.

And then I added a mini shelf which I also covered with scrapbook paper.

Here is a bench... not really sure it's going to be used but it's cute right? I'm making a cushion for it... eventually. On top of all that I want to make a towel rug, ohh so much to do.

I also made this bust for my necklaces. Below is the original from Design Sponge.

And here is mine (made out of foam board and mounted on a plate stand).

In the near futur I plan on adding another shelf and on it I'm going to print and frame some artwor from They have a project called Feed Your Soul where they rounded up artists to come and do free work for people in this terrible economy. I think it's brilliant and can not wait to showcase one of these lovely pieces in my bathroom.

Here are the shelf ideas:

I found this tutorial on Drawer Book Shelves on Tiger Lilly Quinn's Blog from Country Living

I'm so in love with Design Sponge, some framed sconces