Monday, March 29, 2010

Wall Decor; Origami, Silhouettes, and Decals

Here's an awesome video from threadbanger on diy wall decals.

Another cool site with ideas for $5 decorScrimpalicious

Like these empty frames? Go here for more.

A How-To on Silhouettes

Loveeee Daily Danny, green living craft ideas. Tutorial for silhouette plates

I just made up some wall art using scrapbook paper that I had lying around. I framed some, and glued the others to empty canvases I had. (Ignore the hideous wallpaper, I'm doing the best I can to make it look good)

This one that I framed, I made a really pretty origami lily and stuck it on with tape. It was really easy and I think it turned out cool, here is the video.

Origami Lilly - For more funny videos, click here

And this one I made origami Bell Flowers, directions here.

Been busy lately, I think it's all in my head though because I can't quite remember what I've been busy doing... I'm counting down the days 'till the weekend, I'm taking a trip to New Orleans!