Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sorry all, I came down with a nasty stomach virus and was sick for a couple of days. But I'm better now and can't wait to share my henna experience!

1. Design Henna and Decide Where You Want It.
It works best on hands and feet because the skin is thicker and it soaks deeper into your skin.
I found this tutorial for henna designs that's really cool. And this hand template that I used to design my hand.

I unfortunately didn't do my hand(left) but I did do my sister's(right). I realized I have a baby that needs me to have both my hands free for her (:

2. Purchase and Make Henna
I hear you can find them at any middle eastern type of grocer/market but I just got a kit at Barnes and Nobles for about $10.
Warning: it takes at least two hours after mixing to become ready to apply and make sure it is fine. If not then sift it (look for a video on YouTube) or your it will get clumpy and clog up your cone.
Tip: MAKE SURE you do not add too much liquid. The kit's instructions were a little off so I did some guess work. Mine came out pretty good.

3. Apply! Tip: I did a rough sketch with a pen before applying henna just to make sure it was in the right spot. Also have tooth picks handy for any oopsie-daisies you come along.

Awesome video below of someone applying a basic henna design.

the paste consistency should be that of toothpaste.
after mixing, let paste sit till top layer is darker (about 2 hours)
Seal opening of your cone before using.
To get a darker shade, get some sun exposure before peeling off henna
**If you need to put on clothes or something spray on a couple light layers of hairspray, that seemed to help me. Or use medical tape but you're gonna have to leave that on until it's ready to be peeled off.
Once you peel off henna, avoid water. Henna dye is still doing work on your skin.
Make solution of lemon juice and water. Once henna dries (but before cracks) apply for the next hour at 15 min. intervals.

After I applied Henna:

I tried doing this in the mirror... It turned out OK

my sisters^


my looove^

my bro^

After peeling off henna:

You can still see some pen and henna. To remove, try wiping them with olive oil and for those stubborn pieces, let it soak into your skin a bit and try wiping it off in a few minutes.

this one was on my chest and didn't come out very well^

After 24 hours:

Oh also, I only used 2 tablespoons and I did all these and still had some left over. It was really fun and turned out awesome!