Monday, March 1, 2010

Harem Pants From Skirt

I'm going to Ikea today! I am extremely pumped, I have never been. It's kind of like a dream of mine to go to Ikea, I'm not sure why it seems so special. Is that just me? I've always gotten the catalogs and spent like hours just looking through them but now I actually get to go! Ahhh!

Well here's a little project I did last night. I went to goodwill and bought a bunch of skirts with cool fabric and I decided to make some Harem pants out of one of them. These are my inspiration for them. I decided to make them more like the third picture.

Note: best to use stretch knits. So here is what I did.

1. Get your skirt and make sure the waist will fit you. Mine was a button one so at the end I just added elastic.
2. Turn your skirt inside out and lay it on the floor with the back facing down and the front up. Make sure it is even so the centers of both lay on top of each other.

(my little helper)
3. Next you're going to get some kind of marker, could be a pencil, chalk, or just pins (I just used pins and they worked out fine).
4. Now decide if you want these to be long of more like capris and cut to appropriate length.
5. Mark the inside leg seam wherever you want it to be. I made my ankles about 4" and then measured the crotch 13" down from the waist and kind of connected the dots. Also after pinning, I tried it on to make sure it would fit.

6. Cut the excess material and sew or serge along your markers!

7. You're done! If you need to hem the bottom or add elastic to the waist, now would be the time to do so. Or make some size adjustments if necessary.

Also I listed a few cute necklaces last night. Here they are.