Wednesday, March 3, 2010

day bed

First off, Ikea was soooo cool! I'm getting excited just thinking about it! I spent all day today assembling everything and must I say that I am pretty proud of myself. I did it almost all by myself and it seems those past 4 years of working on sets for theatre really payed off! Anywho, when we went to Ikea we got this daybed;
This desk for my craft space;

and this little drawer unit to put under it for storage.
A couple nightstands and a bookshelf. We completely furnished our game room/my to-be craft space! I'm really excited. I already started moving my stuff from my room to it's new home but I'm waiting for my dad to move back into the master downstairs. He sleeps in the room right next door and I don't want to keep him up crafting all night. Unfortunately his room is a bit of a mess and has no mattress yet... I'm not sure when that'll even happen. So for now, the kitchen table is where it goes down.

We have this annual crawfish boil in April because my dad's birthday is the 24th and mine is the 26th so it's kind of a combined birthday party. Anyways we plan on inviting some friends for my dad and we're trying to makeover the house so he's not embarrassed. He's really self-conscious about what other people think of him. It's kind of cute, he's really getting into making his house look good.

So anyways we don't quite know what to do with this daybed! Here's some inspiration on bedding/pillows. By the way, I love


I need to do something about a cover and pillows but I'm not quite sure what. My dad suggested converting a converter into a cover and then I guess we'd have to get pillows... I have no idea. I'm goin' to do a little shopping around now!

Tidbit: Girl Scout Cookies are going to be the death of me. My dad just can not say no and I'm the only one that eats them! In the past week or so I've eaten at least two boxes by myself. I'm disgusted in myself but they're just so good!