Friday, February 5, 2010

Owl Plaque

All the sudden owls are in? Shya, owls are one of those things that have been out of style soo long that they actually come back. Over the weekend I mentioned them making a comeback and I found out back in the 70's my mom was actually obsessed with them! So there you have it, the comeback of the owls!

I wanted to make an owl stuffed animal but ended up just making an applique and then found this wooden plaque I had bought at Wal-mart for a couple of dollars.

Owl applique
Scrap fabric or scrapbook paper

All there is to it:
1. Print out owl applique. Copy and paste into a word document and make it as big or small as you wish.
2. Cut out the owl applique.
3. Cut out your fabric or paper pieces.
4. Assemble pieces.
5. Glue to plaque. (Tip- use either scrapbooking tape squares or a glue stick for paper because liquid glue makes it turn out weird. Or if you're using fabric, fabric glue would work.)