Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Towel Dilema and Solution

Ok, while I was pregnant last year I went through a weird hair phase. See my hair used to be thin and easily managable but when I started taking prenatal vitamins, it got really thick I just didn't know what to do with it. I got really frustrated and decided to cut it off. Like all of it. In some places it was shorter than an inch but it was cute and most of all easy. Well now my hair is getting long and to the point where I need a separate towel just for my hair but we just got these new huge fluffy towels and it just doesn't work. So I used some old towels and some scrap fabric lying around to make this towel cap thing.

1 sheet printer paper
Sewing Machine
Scrap fabric about 20" x 4.5"

1. First you need to cut out a quarter circle. Grab your paper and pick a corner. Measure 8" on the side parallel to you and 7.5" going up (the side perpendicular to you. Now connect the two curving it so to make a quarter circle. You should end up with something like this.

2. Grab your towel and fold in half. (You don't need to fold all the way in half, just enough for your quarter circle to fit on.)

3. Take a side that is not on a fold and fold that over just enough for your quarter circle to fit. It should look like this.

4. Place your quarter circle onto the towel with the straight sides on sides of the towel with folds. And cut along curved edge.

5. Unfold the quarter circle to a half circle and you're going to cut the folded edge.

6. Pin along the curve from one corner to about 2" from the other corner. You're going to leave that open. Sew along curve remebering to leave out 2" from one of the corners.

7. Turn hat right side out. On each side you're going to mark 2 spots where you're going to put pleats.

The size of the pleat will depend on the size of your head. To decide, I measured the length around where the band would go and divided that by 2. Then I made the pleats and just adjusted them till that side measured out to the length I had decided on. I made each side measure out to about 11"-11.5"

8. Take your scrap fabric and cut two pieces that are 20" x 4.5". If you would like it longer or thicker, cut accordingly.

9. Fold in half hotdog style, right sides together, and pin.

10. You are going to sew along the open edge and about 4" from bottom you are going to curve and sew towards the corner with the fold. See picture.

11. Turn inside out and iron flat. Tip: use a long pointy object like a chopstick or pencil to push out corner.

12. Sew the two open ends of the straps together making sure the angled ends are facing the same way.

13. Attach strap to end of hat, right sides together (raw edges of where you sewed straps together facing out) with the center of entire strap to center seam of hat (not end with 2" left open). Sew, making sure you get the pleats.

And you're done!

Now when you're putting it on, I usually make the end with the 2" left open on the top of my head. There's kind of a trick to putting it on but once you get it, it's so worth it. I flip my hair upside down, kinda shaking out the excess water and then I twist my hair into a bun on the top of my head to fit it in the hat so I can tie it without my hair all falling out.

I hope that was easy to understand, feel free to comment if you need help!