Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flower Garland and Framed Corkboard

For a while I've been wanting to make a garland for my daughter's room. I saw one on etsy and thought it was really cool so I did some research and found this site.

They're sooo cute and super easy. Basically you just cut out the circles, I used the spool holder thing from my sewing machine. I cut about 8 per flower but only used 7. You can kind of experiment to see how many you want to use. Fold them in half twice, and then string them together at the corners and knot it. You have to give them a little fluff to get them to how you want them to look and then string them together!

It was kind of fun and turned out grreat. For the eighth circle that I left out on each flower, I gathered them together and made one flower that had all the different fabrics and put that one in the middle of the garland.

I have a bunch of frames leftover and lots of empty wall space in Eliza's room so when I saw this in a magazine, I thought it would be perfect.

Corkboard (or cardboard)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Exacto knife (optional)

1. First you have to take everything out of the frame, including glass.

2. You're going to use your glass to cut out a perfect fitting piece of corkboard (or cardboard). I used both because my piece of corkboard wasn't quite long enough so I used a sliver of cardboard and taped them together.

3. Place the glass on the corkboard, trace, and then cut it. You can double check your corkboard and fit it into the frame to make sure it fits.

4. Now lay out the fabric and you're going to place the corkboard on top of it. Cut around the corkboard leaving a couple of inches around it for room to glue.

5. Make sure your fabric is laying right side down with the corkboard on top. Glue one side of the corkboard. Bring the fabric up, making sure it is somewhat taught and even, stick it down.

6. Repeat to all sides, making sure that when you glue the opposite end of a side you have already glued that you pull it tight so that you don't leave it saggy.

7. Tip- once you've glued all the sides, the corners of the fabric will probably stick oup a little bit. I just glued them down, getting them away from the edges so they won't be seen or get in the way.

8. Now fit your fabric covered corkboard into your frame and voila! Framed Corkboard!