Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fingertip Mitts and Serger Scrap Bag

Ok so I finished my valentine's gift for my dad yesterday. I made one on Valentine's and one yesterday (a bit late, I know). I have to say they turned out pretty darn cute! I was excited but I really don't think my dad even cared... men.

They were super easy and I added a two little velcro straps so they hang on the oven.
Here is the link to the tutorial I followed.

Also today I started and finished my first real serger project! It took literally like 15 minutes and was probably the easiest thing I've ever sewn.... well serged.

I got two fat quarters, cut one in half and the other in quarters. I took one of the quarters and did a rolled hem on the top that wasn't going to be sewn onto the half. Then pinned it to the bottom end of the half, both right sides facing up and serged away! So easy and turned out great!

I really really like serging, I'm just still getting used to it and I'm not very good at adjusting the tensions and such yet but I'm workin' on it!