Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dreadlocks? Yes, Please

I've decided since my hair won't grow any faster and I really can't stand it, it's time for a change. I'm getting dreads. No, not the gross ones that ruin your hair and are unsanitary, fake ones! I'm going to make them out of wool!

aren't they cute?! The bottom pic's dreads are real but I liked them. I'm so ready to have longer hair (:
I need a new makeover/look, and I'm so ready to try these out!

Here are the websites that tell you how to do them that I'm using:


I looked everywhere for some dang wool roving but it's hard to find locally; hobby lobby(had some but not nearly enough), hancocks, this other sewing place here that didn't have enough and I didn't even try Joanne's because I heard that it wasn't good there. Soo I ended up going online and buying three things from this place, ornamentea.com.

I bought two chocolates and one latte. They'll arrive in a couple of days, I'm so excited! I'll try and document the whole thing and put up some before and after pics. I have a feeling this is going to be very time consuming!

Um, as for my etsy shop, I just listed some of my jellyfish and will be listing about 2 per day so keep an eye out! Oh and my blue 40's dress was put on a favorite's list on this website, http://customdesigns4ubynan-myheartandmind.blogspot.com/ !!!
Very excited. Still promoting everday! And I ordered business cards and a window decal that should be on their way. (: