Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boosting My Business

I've been on etsy for a couple of months and have had only one sell. I'm trying not to get too disappointed and give up so I'm on a search for tips and suggestions.

I found this page on etsy and picked up a few great tips;

1. I need to create an invoice. I suppose I don't have to do that right away because I don't expect to sell anything right away but it's on the list.
2. I need to change my return policy.
3. I should come up with a goodie to send with customers.... no ideas yet but I'm brainstorming!
4. Consignment bad; Wholesale good.

How to make labels:

Get featured in treasury!

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N e w b i e . M a g i c . 5

I found this blog too. Which I thoroughly enjoyed and started to follow- my new blogging inspiration. (:

Also this post

Gaaahh connections is what I need! Off to the forums I go!

Note- Sigur Ros (music) is really good.

** Add more jewelry