Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Essential Oils: Canker Sores

Last week, in the middle of three incredibly busy and full days, I developed a canker sore. I was hoping it would go away and half way forgot, half way was too busy to care. But then it got worse and worse and worse. And by the end of three days, it was getting painful to eat and I decided that mayyyybe, I should proooobably do something about it!

So I went straight to my oils bag and pulled out my lemon and clove essential oils. 


Lemon oil is antibacterial to the max, antiseptic, and antibiotic. Which makes it great for the mouth and all of it's canker sores. 


Clove oil is an analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory. It's traditionally used in dentistry because of it's numbing and pain relieving properties. This was an obvious choice because my canker sore was certainly painful and some numbing was definitely in order.  

By the time I started using my oils, we had hit the road for an all night drive to Kentucky. So I took advantage of my middle of the night, 4 hour driving shift and applied both of these every 30 minutes. I didn't use a full drop of each because it was so small. I just put my finger on the end of the bottle, flipped it over, and used the little bit to rub on my sore. By the next day, it was almost completely gone. The pain had ceased and it was a mere bump on the inside of my mouth. I applied it a few times throughout the next day and it was gone by the day after. Problem solved!! 

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Super Moon

Sometimes things just make so much sense. I found Mystic Mamma about a month ago and absolutely love it! She wrote about the full super moon and what it will bring for people and it was super accurate for me. Here's some of it (you can read the rest here

FULL MOON Super Moon in Capricorn is here and this one promises to be potent and revelatory. With the Sun in Cancer, the archetype of the Mother, and the Moon in Capricorn, the archetype of the Father, the sacred balance and dynamism of the two becomes illuminated.
Take time to ground and reflect as the energy as of late has been emotional and streamed with karmic reflections. Illumination brings revelation but we must then have the courage to address so we can complete the karmic lesson and move more lightly into our future. Energy will shift next week, but for now must tend to the present and what is being illuminated!

First astrologer Stephanie Gailing from Planet Apothecary:
Issues of security are brought to the forefront during the Capricorn Full Moon. It urges us to look at our life through the lens of the questions, ‘Where do I feel at home?’ and ‘How can I feel more safe and protected regardless of where I am?’
“In pure Capricorn fashion, these aren’t light-hearted questions, but they are ones whose answers can provide us with the riches of insight to live a more integrated and productive life.
“What’s also highlighted during this Full Moon is the importance of maintaining a balanced sense of perspective. Cancer inspires us to both feel as well as value our feelings. It has flowing, soft, and undulating energy.
“Capricorn, on the other hand, is not focused on feelings but rather on diligent and responsible approaches to accomplishing tangible outcomes. The question becomes how the nurturer (Cancer) and the achiever (Capricorn) can co-exist.
“One way it can be done is that instead of wallowing in our emotions, we take a serious look at them, inventorying what they may be revealing. Once insights are gleaned, see what practical ways you take action to structure facets of your life so that they will further nourish you.
“Also, with this Full Moon, we are reminded that while the past is essential, it’s important not to get stuck in it.What came before may be an integral part of who you are but don’t let it pull you from the joys of the present.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Stephanie Gailing All Rights Reserved
And from always insightful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The Sun in Cancer ‘Opposition’ to Moon in Capricorn, suggests the key is to restore balance and equilibrium between personal needs and professional needs. There may be relevant issues around ‘father/mother’ dynamic both physical parents as well as Inner Archetypes. Where is the conflict? What heals? How to create harmony? “
“…Under the Full Moon in Capricorn, many things may be highlighted and you may see the tangible area or areas which need the care, comfort and adjustment.  The Full Moon in Capricorn’s potential is achieving long-term emotional mastery, and tangible results that are of the highest quality.
“Perhaps this will inspire you to make a more grounded commitment for lasting change and therefore have realistic expectations of incorporating new habits and ways that are loving, healthy and are full of integrity.
Patience is essential now to handle or manage any emotional waves that are arising. The issue(s) is there to bring important insight and awareness. Be responsible for your emotions rather than projecting them onto others. They are not responsible for your happiness — you are.
“Step by step the goal is accomplished. With the Full Moon in Capricorn, it is imperative to learn to mature emotional responses and be responsible for one’s own emotional well-being and life. This may bring up opportunity to re-organize things including daily schedule, and how much time you give to care for your emotional well-being in a practical way.
“…Both Mercury in Gemini (re-enters Cancer) and Jupiter in Cancer (moving into Leo) are on the brink of changing signs. This is helpful to know as the next two weeks bring a surge of faster, bigger movement of opportunities, activities and growth.  By the end of July 2014, there may be a feeling or sense of a change in the air and some fiery energy to activate things. Changes are happening now!” 
© Copyright 2014  Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved

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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Few Things: Death & Another Hard Day

These past few weeks, there has been an overwhelming presence of death in my life. I have been trying to make the best of it, trying to learn from it, and being positive but I think sometimes you just need to cry. Because that shit is sad. In the past 48 hours, I have had a total of 8 hours of sleep and I am exhausted in every way possible. I'm just a mess really. But I'm ok with it. I haven't had a day like this in while and I'm letting it come so that it may also go. So cry fest, here I come!

On top of my whole grandpa thing (which is always lingering in the back of my mind), in the past month, we've had two friends commit suicide. We've found out that two friends now have cancer. And that today is the anniversary of a friend who died an extremely tragic death in high school. Also, there was a mass shooting in my home town a few days ago, somewhere I was familiar with and had been to. Somewhere within 5 miles of where my family lives and 20 miles of where we actually live. It was terrible, a whole family killed execution style and the only one that survived was the 15 year old daughter. It's just sad.

Mostly, I have been very introspective and contemplative about it. Learning about death, observing how it affects people, how I want it to affect me, my spiritual beliefs about it, and all that. But today, I am just devastated. I feel as though I am carrying everyone's sorrow, their grief, their pain. My heart aches and the tears just fall freely. It seems as though everything makes me sad right now. And maybe that's ok. Because there's a lot to be sad about. And if there's a lot to be happy about when you're trying to be happy, maybe it's ok to be sad about everything once in a while. And today is definitely that day. Because everything is sad to me right now. I'm just letting my heart hurt because I think that's what it needs. And I'm learning that it's ok.

Death helps to put things into perspective for me a lot of the time. It's a heavy reminder of how short life is and to live it up while you still can. I remember that's the way it was when my step brother died and ultimately that led us on this journey to build our tiny home. It gave us courage to go after our dreams, even though they may have sounded a bit crazy. But this time, I'm more focused on my heart. I learned a long time ago, not to live with regrets. I almost always go for the things I want because I know I will regret it if I don't. But I want to live more true to my heart in the sense of how I interact with people. People come and people go and I want to make sure that nothing is left unsaid. I want to live more authentically, in a way that I just leave everything out on the table. I don't ever want to hold back what's in my heart, what I'm feeling, and what's trying to be let out. If people don't appreciate it, that's ok because at least I know I got out what I wanted to. And maybe give people the opportunity to do the same. Maybe I'll be surprised by what people respond with and maybe I won't. But then that part is something that is out of my hands. And not the reason for action in the first place. 

So although it's a not-so-happy day for me, I'm taking this time to analyze my relationships with people and make sure that the people I love, know what they mean to me. Because you never know how much time you will have with them. And while I believe that they'll probably know after they're gone (or vice versa), I think it will make this journey of a life more pleasant knowing that I truly lived with my heart on my sleeve. I'm tired of building walls and trying to guard my heart, it's absolutely exhausting. I just want to love. And maybe I need to learn how to love myself better so that I don't require walls to protect the beauty within. Maybe I can let it grow wild and everything will turn out ok in the end. 

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guys Can Eat Raw Too

Boys, take note. 

Pardon my french but damn. These boys prove, pretty darn well, that you reallly don't need animal products even if you do want to get super ripped. And you can't really deny it with that last little video. AM I RIGHT ;) 

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Easy Vegan Pizza

I love pizza. Who doesn't love pizza?! And it's so easy to use whatever is in the fridge and create a delicious meal. 
photo (5)

For this one I used pita bread for the crust which is great for making personal pizzas, this vegan cashew cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes (my fav!), spinach, jalapenos, onions, and Bravado's new Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce. Holy cow, so yummy. 

Vegan pizza is a piece of cake! 

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Essential Oils: Ant Spray


Yesterday afternoon, we drove down to my dad's to spend the day at his house. After dinner and some extra visiting (aka, him working on my car), we drove back home. Eliza fell asleep in the car so when we arrived, I ran in to get the bed ready for a quick transfer. But when I turned on the light and crawled up to our loft, I was shocked to discover a colony of ants had invaded our home! Apparently Eliza left a bottle full of watermelon juice up there and they had sniffed it out! Not only that, but they had found any and everything sweet in our house and proceeded to fill my home with their creepy crawly existence. 

I love nature and animals as much as the next girl but not in my home. I think my last home ruined that for me. I've been scarred for life but I digress. 

So the first thing we did was vacuum those suckers up and remove whatever food source they had been drawn to in the first place. Then I caulked up all the sneaky holes they had found into our home. And last, I mixed up a spray to discourage them from ever coming back! 

After dousing my house, we all finally went to sleep and there were fewer ants in the morning. 

They're not completely gone but the spray definitely helped so I thought I would share. 

2 oz. spray bottle 
10 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil 
10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil 
10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil 
15 drops Terrashield Essential Oil 
Distilled Water to fill 

Drop essential oils into the spray bottle and fill with distilled water. Shake. Spray. 

I also added 10 drops of Cypress half way down the line because in the midst of spraying for ants, a huge cockroach decided to rear it's ugly head and Cypress is supposed to help. Who knows. 

Gosh, I'm just dumbfounded guys. Seriously, we couldn't have been gone for more than 8 hours and when we came back, there were ants everywhere! We have never had a problem with that before. I guess it's time to finish up our drywall so we can seal that baby up! Poor Eliza was playing today, on our new wood floors, and was getting bit all over the place. Not cool ants, not cool. 
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

What I Need To Know

For those times when my emotions are too hard to figure out by myself, I turn to Tarot to help me learn more. And it's usually pretty damn accurate. And helpful. I am currently too lazy and exhausted to go get my own deck so I used to randomly draw a card for me. Well two. And they were perfect. 

What Do I Need To Know Right Now? 

The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Eight of Swords (Interference): Chagrin at the unforeseen consequences of prior decisions. Criticism, censure, and the imposition of external restrictions. Confusion leading to powerlessness. Inability to focus on the crux of a problem and free oneself from a difficult situation. Being hamstrung by a past failure or humiliation.

A woman is tied and blindfolded within a cage of swords. This is the "damned if you do, damned if you don't," card. The querent is in a situation where they're afraid to move. If they move, they'll get cut. However, the ropes that bind them, the blindfold over their eyes, are their own fears, keeping them still, immobile. And so the longer they stay, the more they constrain and entrap themselves.

Although the limitation of the eights are meant to transform, there are negatives and drawbacks to this. The Eight of Swords is exactly that. It is what happens when you try to put limitations on words or thought. The motivation behind this may be lofty, to not hurt feelings or keep thoughts on divine rather than base matters. But what ends up happening is that either literally (with censorship) or figuratively the querent ends up feeling like they can't say or think anything.

This is a card about second-guessing every word, maybe even worrying about your own thoughts and what they say about you. In real world terms this could indicate extremes of social or legal censorship, fears of being cut down for offending a person or group, fears of being cut down for disagreeing.

This card can also indicate your fears of what others might be saying about you. Fears of gossip, criticism, insults.

Fortitude is the only way to transcend this deadly mix of external and internal limitations. Like the Maiden taking the chance of getting mauled by the Lion, the querent must be prepared to enduring pain and disapproval otherwise they will remain trapped and silenced.

Thus, the card urges you to have the courage to speak up or face down what's being said about you. To move and try to get past the swords. The longer you stay mute and still, the worse it will get.

What Should I Do Next? 

The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Six of Cups (Pleasure): Opening your heart to the simple pleasures of life. Fond memories fuel the playful embrace of love and life. Experiencing the joy of youth and sexual innocence. Engaging in acts of gentle kindness. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. Meeting an old friend.

Two children among six flowering cups. There is a great deal of rich and complex symbolism in this card, but in a nutshell, it is a moment of innocent love, the boy and the girl both touching that one cup with the flower in it. He gets joy from giving it to her, and she gets joy in receiving it from him.

This card is most often viewed as nostalgia, of some old friend or thing coming back into our lives and letting us relive a happy moment from our past. The real meaning, however, is "joy," in particular, a known joy. This is the connection we make with someone (or something) who always makes us feel happy. They, in turn, get an equal measure of joy from making us happy.

The joy we get is familiar and reliable. This might be gained by flipping through old photos and remembering happier times, chatting with a beloved family member, meeting with good friends for a drink, indulging in familiar foods, or enjoying the comfort of a favorite pair of slippers.

As with all the sixes, this remarkable moment of happiness cannot last, no more than the children can stay innocent children. This known joy, like a bowl of chicken soup, can make everything right and better for the moment, but the querent should not rely on it as a miracle cure. This card can also warn that the querent is too attached to the "known," and afraid to experience anything new or unknown. They may be too reliant on old habits or too attached to an old lover.

For this moment, however, the reader can tell the querent that this is what they need to restore emotional equilibrium: to connect with someone or something that they know will make them happy.